Engraving Depth and Quality Example
Engraving Depth and Quality Example

Lifetime Silent No-Jingle Pet Identification Tags In Solid Stainless Steel or Brass with Deep Engraved Details

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Engraving Details
We all truly love our pets, sometimes more than ourselves, so give your pet the identification tag they really deserve.  A high quality tag with their name and your phone number.  Don't leave it up to chance or think it will never happen to you, make sure that your pet is easily identified on the off chance that they get away or out of your fence.  Chips are great, but they require a reader, our deep engraved pet tags will make sure your pet is easily and quickly identified and most of all, returned home quickly and safely by anyone.  Our tags are stamped from solid stainless steel or brass, and then deep engraved with our industrial laser to create a mark that will never fade or rub off.  The tags are made to slip on over the end of the collar so there is no annoying jingle when your pet moves around, and no split ring fastener to break or wear out, so your tag will stay on your pet's collar until you remove it.  We are so confident these tags will last your pet's lifetime, that we offer a lifetime guarantee, if they ever become unreadable we will replace it for no charge.   Don't put it off another day, make sure your pet is tagged!

We recommend keeping the engraving message short and sweet, pet name and your phone number, and maybe any emergency or health specific information on the bottom line.  You can specify a font of your choice in [brackets] with your text, but we recommend keeping it very simple and easily readable.  Our ultimate goal is the quick and easy return of your pet with a solid tag that will remain usable for the life of your pet.  Will not work with clip-style collars, one end must be narrow enough to fit through the slots on the tag.  We understand your pet identification tag is very important, so we will do our best to have it in the mail within 1-2 business days.

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