Solid Stainless Steel GI Dog Tag Medical ID
Solid Stainless Steel GI Dog Tag Medical ID

Lifetime GI Dog Tag or Medical ID Tag - Deep Engraving

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Our premium lifetime GI Dog Tags are cut out of high quality solid metal, in your choice of stainless steel, brass, or titanium.  We take the tag and using our industrial marking laser we deep engrave your text or graphics, which creates a clean and detailed deep marking on the tag that will not fade, rub off or deteriorate.  We believe in the quality of this tag so much, we offer a lifetime guarantee on it.  If the engraving ever wears off or becomes unreadable with normal use, we will replace it for no charge.  These tags also make perfect Medical ID Tags for those with medical conditions or medications that need to be quickly identified.  These tags are also perfect for keychain markers, luggage and suitcase identification tags, as well as being a high quality replacement for the generic government issued GI Dog Tags.  Whatever your use, rest assured, you will not find a higher quality combination of tag and engraving that will stand the test of time and last a lifetime.


When using the tag for identification, we recommend keeping the engraving message short and sweet, name and your phone number, and maybe any emergency or health specific information.  The tags are quite large (1x2”) and allow for ample room to engrave quite a bit of text. Another option is engraving the name/date/service for your loved one. You can specify a font of your choice in [brackets] with your text, but we recommend keeping it very simple and easily readable. We understand your identification tag is very important, so we will do our best to have it in the mail within 1-2 business days.


Brass is a naturally softer metal with a timeless look.  Over time the brass may tarnish and develop a patina that will look aged.  This is a natural process, you can polish off the tarnish with products found at any hardware store.  If the brass is going to be worn against the skin, it may leave a dark spot on the skin when mixed with moisture such as sweat.

Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel is a durable and hypoallergenic material that resists wear and corrosion, and is also generally considered safe for skin contact.  The stainless will not stain or leave markings on skin with prolonged contact, and may be polished if it becomes scratched or dull if required using standard products found at any hardware store.

Titanium is a premium material designed to be as light as aluminum and as strong as steel.  Titanium is a naturally grey metal with the added benefit of being inert, so it will not react to sweat, acidic or salty conditions.  When you need the absolute ultimate in durability, solvent resistance, and just all around cool factor, Titanium is the way to go.