Now more than ever in the increasingly competitive marketplace and business landscape, it is crucial to a business’s survival to identify and take advantage of every opportunity to promote brand awareness, visibility, and professionalism, and ultimate rise above the noise floor in your local market. One of the most basic and effective methods for accomplishing this task is professionally screen printed apparel, such as shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, polos, hats and anything you can wear in public. In the State College PA market, screen printing has become one of the go-to ways to for small businesses to produce vibrant and long lasting designs on a wide range of materials. In this blog post we will examine how custom screen printed apparel can make a lasting impression and enhance your business’s visibility and ultimately create more leads for your services.

Custom Apparel


Screen printing gives you the opportunity to create and wear eye catching, bold, and colorful apparel that has your message all over it. Whether your message is an advertisement for your business, cause, organization, or fundraiser, screen printing is often the most cost effective way to advertise in the community. Graphics can be screen printed on to t-shirts, hoodies, uniforms, and most other fabric based items with our unique professional printing process that will create a lasting print that will look good through several laundry cycles. Our artists will work with you to create an impactful design that will turn your employees and customers that purchase or receive your shirts into a walking billboard that will be seen throughout the community. Tell State College PA you mean business, for real with custom screen printed apparel. 

Promotional Products

Create Long Lasting Brand Awareness With Functional Items 

We’ve all seen and used promotional items from businesses, our whole lives, why? Because it is an effective tool in getting your message out! How many times have you been to a bank, auto repair, hardware store ,etc… and seen the cup full of screen printed pens at the checkout register. They are everywhere, and people use them. Pens are one of the most lost items; just ask us, we can never find a pen when we need one! So be the savior for your customer but giving them a pen when they need it, but with YOUR business name on it. From pens and keychains to tote bags and drinkware, you can customize a wide range of products with your logo or promotional message. These screen-printed items serve as constant reminders of your brand, staying in the hands of your customers and prospects for an extended period of time. They will be used at home, in the office, or on the go, and these products act as brand ambassadors for your business, generating brand recognition and loyalty in and around the greater State College area.

Event Merchandise

Stand Out Among State College Events and Gatherings

State College hosts a variety of events throughout the year, ranging from sports tournaments, community festivals, and college events. Attract attention and make your mark at these gatherings by providing event merchandise that people will cherish and wear throughout the year. Screen printing allows you to create bold and memorable items like event t-shirts, hats, and bags that not only bring fans together but also promote your brand in a visually appealing way. By incorporating the event's theme or logo into the design, you can make sure that your merch becomes an essential part of the event experience and a lasting memento for everyone that attends

Local Partnerships

Collaborate With Others for Increased Exposure

Screen printing offers several opportunities for local partnerships in State College. By teaming up with other businesses, organizations, or even local artists, you can create limited edition co-branded merchandise that appeals to a broader audience, and is distributed at several locations in town. Collaborative projects not only boost brand exposure but also facilitate cross-promotion, allowing both parties to reach new customers and increase brand recognition. By leveraging the power of custom screen printing and creating meaningful local connections, you can expand your brand's visibility throughout State College.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to digest here!

Whew, we’ve covered a lot here!  To sum it up, Screen printing in State College, PA, is a highly-versatile and cost-effective tool for increasing your business or brand’s visibility. By taking advantage of this powerful marketing tool, you can create custom apparel, promotional products, event merchandise, and create local partnerships, all of which contribute to making a lasting impression and increasing your reach to new audiences and potential customers. If you're ready to elevate your brand's visibility and capture the attention of State Collegians, consider incorporating screen printed apparel into your marketing strategy today.