Fired Brass Shell Casing Engraved with Stand
Fired Brass Shell Casing Engraved with Stand

Fired Brass Shell Casing Engraving Service

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Do you have a memorable hunt or shot you want to remember?  We have just the service you have been looking for.  Whether it is a first time hunter that shoots their first deer, maybe you took your biggest trophy and want a great way to commemorate the moment, or maybe it was a winning shot at a competition, our craftsmen have you covered.  We start with the fired brass casing you send in to us, we offer the option to hand polish it to a bright shiny finish.  From there we then engrave the shell with our extremely precise laser that creates a beautiful black high contrast engraving on the shell casing that will not wear off or fade over time.  The result is a beautiful keepsake that will remind of you the special moment forever.  If you are having the head mounted attaching the shell to a plaque on the mount adds that extra special touch.  We all have special reasons to remember each hunt, let us help you create a special memento you will treasure.

This service is for a single shell to be polished and engraved.  The engraving is a permanent etching on the surface of the brass shell casing.  We do not use additives or abrasives, the marking is done only with the laser for one of the most precise, high contrast black marks available.  You have seen other shells done with rotary engraving that are hard to see or read because they don’t offer enough contrast – this is not a problem with our method, the black engraving stands out clearly on the polished brass shells.

Engraving Details
We have provided examples showing different lines and text details.  The more lines and letters per line the smaller the text will be, so keep that in mind when planning out your text.  A good recommendation is to put the name and special event on the first line, followed up with a date on the second line, and if a third line is needed perhaps adding details about the shot or trophy, such as how many points, or how far the shot was.

White Glove Service
The white glove service is our premium service.  We will call you and answer all of your questions and walk you through the process.  We also will send you a pre-paid postage package to return the shell to us so all of the logistics are taken care of.  All you will need to do is put the shells in the provided packaging and drop the package in your mail box, and we will handle the rest.

Install a Brass Key Ring
If you are wanting to make something you can put on a key chain, this is for you.  We will use our precision machines to drill a hole in the large end of the shell and install a polished brass key ring. 

Acrylic Shell Display Stand
We have developed a beautiful and classy black acrylic stand that will proudly display a single shell on a shelf, desk, curio cabinet, or any other place you can think of.  This unique stand was designed in house to elevate the engraved shell in a way that highlights the engraving.  The stand ships flat and is easily assembled with no tools using the directions included.   

Shipping Instructions
Please read the following carefully so there are no issues while shipping in your item to us:
1. Please ship in a box - we have had all carriers damage/lose items sent to us in shipping bags, so to avoid this please do not ship your item to us in anything other than a box.
2. Please include a copy of your order confirmation, and any "last minute" instructions clearly marked
3. If you have specific locations where you want engravings done, masking tape may be used to indicate this on the item.  You can indicate orientation, size, and other details
4.  Ship all items to:

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