Handwritten Laser Engraved Recipe Cutting Board
Handwritten Laser Engraved Recipe Cutting Board

Custom Engraved Handwritten Recipe Hardwood Cutting Boards

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The hardwood cutting board is always a popular gift, and looks great displayed in homes and kitchens everywhere.  Combined with a handwritten family recipe that is deep engraved in your loved one's handwriting makes this fine cutting board into a family heirloom that will be proudly displayed, and brings back fond memories of favorite family events centered around these cherished recipes.  For those looking take it one step further for a truly one of a kind piece, we can print directly on the cutting board a photo of your family or loved one above the recipe.  This highly personalized cutting board then becomes a touching tribute to special loved ones and the love they shared with their families through cooking.


For best results, a clean scan or photo of the recipe is recommended.  If there are lines on the paper, we will attempt to remove them if possible.  An additional fee may be required for editing the recipe to remove lines in some cases.  If you are uploading a photo for printing on the cutting board, the best quality photo you have will provide the best result, but we have used cell phone pictures and actually produced great results.  If you aren't sure, feel free to send us the picture and we'll review it and give you our best opinion.


It is recommended not to use the side of the cutting board with the photo/engraving, but to use the opposite side.  Do not soak in water, wipe clean after use and dry immediately.  Wipe down board with a quality butcher block oil that is food safe.  A wooden stand is available for an additional fee in order to display on a shelf or on top of a cupboard, if you want to hang on a wall, we recommend one of the designs with a handle and a loop so you can affix a strap to hang from.

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